LZW36 or alternative with canopy module?

Like others from week to week, I’m stuck with my only dumb switches being the ones that control ceiling fans. I have a Hunter ceiling fan in the nursery which has worked so well with my sole LZW36, that I bought 2 more of the same fan. From what I have read, the new 2 in 1 and other fan switch will handle fans without lights in them that may require smart bulb mode. I think what I need is a switch with a canopy module, but it doesn’t look like one is in the works. Does anyone know of an alternative solution or way to make a ceiling fan with smart bulbs installed work with any available or soon to be available Inovelli switch?

A 2-button is in the pipeline with a canopy module that can be added as a zigbee device.

No idea on timeline but it’s on the roadmap.

Awesome, thanks, I’ll keep my eye out for more info