LZW36 preset_mode

I have an automation for my LZW36 using the cree8 blueprint (cree8/zwave-js-inovelli-lzw36-fan-switch-dimmer.yaml)

I just noticed that I get a warning everytime I turn the fan on because I use the speed argument (low, medium, high):

Calling fan.turn_on with the speed argument is deprecated, use percentage or preset_mode instead

It doesn’t look like preset_mode has options available though. Will those be available in the future or are they available now and I’m missing something?

  - 'off'
  - low
  - medium
  - high
preset_modes: []
speed: 'off'
percentage: 0
percentage_step: 1.0101010101010102
preset_mode: null
friendly_name: Nursery Fan
supported_features: 1

Can you post up screenshots of your actions you are performing when a button is pressed? The blueprint doesn’t have any actual functions associated with it, it just connects the dots from a button event to an action you specify.

You want the button press event to be “Call Service” and then call “fan.set_percentage” service with 1 (breeze mode), 33 (low), 66(medium), or 100(high).

More info:

In addition, Zwave JS is in control of the device properties. It would be awesome if we could figure out how to get our “breeze” mode (1%) to become a preset_mode specific to the LZW36 properties that ZwaveJS passes to HA. Perhaps @blhoward2 could provide some insight into this functionality.

Thanks for the reply. I tried using the percentage, but found that when then using fan.decrease_speed using the percentage step of 33, the math wouldn’t always work out - sometimes it would go from ‘medium’ straight to ‘off’. Same with fan.increase_speed. I unchecked the percentage step option and went back to using the speed setting and it works great, aside from the warnings in the logs.

How would I go about setting up the preset_modes or is that something one can’t configure?

This is something we would need to work through the HA zwave JS team, you could open an issue on github for the HA core z-wave JS integration