LZW36 - Strobing lights

Brand new LZW36 (installed yesterday).
As soon as I turned it on I noticed the strobing effect.
The intensity of the “effect” is random.

When I first tested it today it worked just fine (first and second time), I was shocked. And then… the strobing started again.

I thought it could be the ecosmart bulbs that came with the fan 4 years ago so I went out and bought these Philips Dimmable LED bulbs but it didn’t help.


In the first video you will notice one of the bulbs is different, it is the Philips one.
Same thing happens to it.

It it possible this is a defective unit?

Turning lights on:

Turning lights on and off:

Not certain if this is an issue with the bulbs or possibly a canopy unit but I thought those were ironed out a while ago based on the community postings. Do you know the date code by chance? Would find it either on the front of the switch plate or canopy module…may have to pull off the wallplate to see it (top left corner of the switch, 4 digits for month/year).

Does this only happen on turning on/off or can you replicate the flickering when you dim the bulbs down to a lower level?

I will check on that later (have to go find a screwdriver :slight_smile: )
Meanwhile, here is another video so people don’t think I’m crazy when I said it worked yesterday when I first tested it.

It happened again today. The very first time I turned it on it worked and it is smooth so I’m guessing it is not the bulbs: