LZW36 - Turn on/off LED bars

This seems like it should be simple enough to achieve, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it or find the solution with a bit of searching.

I have an LZW36 I’m intending to put in my 1 year old’s room and I’d like to disable the LED bars while she’s sleeping, but have them on the rest of the time. Ideally I’d like to avoid WebCore and get by with Smart Lighting, but if WebCore’s the best/only way to make it happen I’ll yield.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I’m not sure if the LED illumination level is exposed. I just took a look at what is exposed and didn’t see anything that suggests it addresses the illumination level.

“Configure” is exposed but I have no idea where you’d go after that . . .

I see this is an old request and I don’t know why this just popped up in my “unread” queue…But with that said…

It should be very simple. I don’t have any LZW36 fan switch but it can be done with the other switches/dimmers so I suspect its very similar for the fan swtich.

On the dimmers, parameters 14 and 15 control the LED strip intensity. Param#14 sets the intensity when the load is on. Param#15 sets the intensity when the load is off. You can set them both to 0. You can also change the color of the LED strip using Param#13. The parameters numbers may be different for the LZW36 but should be similar.

Assuming this is ST, there are child devices for the LED bar color and intensity. One could program an automation to turn off this child light at a certain time, then another to turn it on.

Or use smart lighting if that is still a thing?