LZW36 - Unable to get multiple devices in ST v3

First off, I’m new to the Inovelli community. I was committed to Inovelli as soon as I saw signatures in the box. You know someone stands by, and is passionate about, a product if they’re willing to sign their names on it. These are people who care. Brilliant. So I’ve successfully installed 4 on/off and 4 dimmer switches in my new-to-me home and I plan on at least two more (need to get dimmers, though, because I found no neutral), but I’m struggling now to install my LZW36 Fan + Dimmer switch. I’ve been struggling for hours now to get it to show up correctly in SmartThings. I’ve followed the steps very closely, and I’ve attempted many times, but I just can’t get it. So I’m waving the white flag and am asking for help.

First off, the wiring itself was a bit odd. My ceiling fan has upper and lower lights, so I joined them together with the light output from the fan module. Long story short, I am able to control both the lights and the fan locally from the switch. So that tells me the wiring is good. (right?)

So now I’m trying to get SmartThings setup. I’m close to the hub (v3), so I’m doing the S2 route with scanning the QR code on the device. I’m following https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/installation-setup-lzw36-fan-light-red-series-gen-2-smartthings closely. I’ve installed the device handlers using the instructions here: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/switches-fan-light-lzw36-smartthings-device-handler-installation. They appear to be correct:

However, when I go through the inclusion process, the switch will only show up as a device of type “Z-Wave Device Multichannel.”

The SmartThings app will only ever show the one device. If I then try to edit the device to change the type to “Inovelli Fan & Light Switch LZW36” (you can see it in the list below)

it gives me the error: “Device update error: Update not allowed, only location owners can modify device types.”

So, I think I’ve followed the instructions to a T. Dotted lowercase j’s, even. I’m in IT, so I’m pretty decent with figuring out tech. However, I’m stuck. I don’t know where to go from here. SmartThings simply doesn’t seem to know what to do with the switch or can’t use the device handlers. Does anybody have any advice on where I should go from here? Thank you very much!!

Hey @bhlaws – thanks so much for the kind words! That really means a lot :slight_smile: – glad to have you on our team – Welcome to the community!

I’ve seen this before when trying to update a handler on our office hub and it wouldn’t let me due to the same error. Come to find out, I wasn’t the owner of the hub (Nathan was lol). Are you the one who setup the hub and is the primary owner?

Hi, Eric! Thanks for the response! I am the owner of the hub, and I set it up. If you saw something like this with hub ownership before then that’s pointing down the SmartThings management path. That gives me a direction for research. Thanks for the pointer!

When your in the IDE click on locations, then click on the locations name and double check the owner email address.

On a lark, remembering that I had once added my wife’s account to our SmartThings, I tried signing in with her Samsung account. Lo and behold, I’m able to make changes in that account. The Locations -> Home -> Owner account info shows my email address in the name, but apparently my actual account lost owner rights??? My best guess is that something happened when the SmartThings app was upgraded and moved to Samsung accounts. Somehow my wife’s account survived in tact? I have no idea. Regardless, like I said, I was able to update the device type, and I now have the three devices in SmartThings. Whew! What a pain in the butt. I wish I could have all those hours back. Anyway, thanks again Eric! Thanks, djordan2112!

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