Lzw36 with 2 lights?

I have an old school 1-gange dual switch for my outside lights that I’d like to replace with a smart switch. Can the Lzw36 be used to simply control the on off nature of my outside lights? I realize I’m using an anvil to squash an ant here, but there aren’t many options in the 1-gange dual switch configuration.

Here’s what I’m replacing


There are a number of reasons the LZW36 won’t work. The biggest one is that the switch communicates with a canopy module that won’t fit in an electrical light box.

There are a number of smart relays that will fit in electrical boxes. You could fit 2 of them at your 2 light boxes and then use a LZW30 as a scene controller to control both of them.

Or use a single dual channel relay


hmmmm… While not the answer I was hoping for, I do appreciate the insight. I may have to keep looking. I’m not sure any solution that doesn’t involve 2 physical switches will pass the WAF.

I was also looking at this Zooz switch. My house is all Inovelli atm and I was hoping to keep it that way.

I could be persuaded to wait. Do we know how many physical relays the new 5 button scene control switch will have?

The 5 button will only have one load output option.

I had a similar issue and used the Zooz switch… if it’s by itself then light switch consistency isn’t really an issue. The other potential solution if there is room in your switch box is tossing 2 Sonoff minis in there since those can control the load but also be switched by the physical switch.

Another option is to cut out the box and replace with a 2-gang old work box. It’s not that tough. Plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it.