LZW36 with dumb 3-way

I can’t tell from the documentation, but are there traveler screw on the fan switch?

I basically have this set-up, and plan on replacing the switch on the right with the Inovelli switch.

The LZW36 isn’t designed to work as a traditional 3-way, so no traveler terminal.

It depends if you want a 3-way for the fan, light or both. If it’s just the light, then you can add another Inovelli switch in a box that has a hot a neutral, and either use associations or scenes. I don’t know of any way to 3-way the fan.

Yes, I just wanted the 3 way for the light, since the other switch is also for the light. So basically the fan switch can’t control the light with another light-only switch, and can only operate as a remote for the fan?

The LZW36 will control both the light and the fan. If you want to use another Inovelli switch to control the light in a 3-way, you can. But you can’t do it via wiring using a traveler terminal. You do it either using direct association or a scene.

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Thanks for that. My plan wouldn’t be to have 2 Inovelli switches, but rather the LZW36 for fan+light, and a regular dumb toggle switch for the light. So in my diagram previously, I would want to just replace the switch on the right (furthest from the light/lower) with the LZW36.

Can I just use this set-up where the dumb switch is connected directly to the load/line, and the LZW36 is the 2nd switch?

No, you can’t. I don’t think you understand how the LZW36 is wired. Take a look below. You can’t wire a 2nd dumb switch to the LZW36, which is why you need to use another smart switch and associations/scenes.

As @Bry mentioned, the wiring for the lzw36 is a little different from our other devices. To do a 3-way with it the only way to do it right now is to use a second lzw36 and direct z-wave associations.

You could also use an LZW31, but the association would control the fan and the light at the same time.