LZW36 with Z-Way Server and Homebridge

Hi everyone. I’m having quite a few general issues with my installation, and I’m not quite sure yet which are on the z-wave side as things aren’t great in standalone use either. But, I wanted to start a thread here where hopefully we can kick around some thoughts and suggestions.

My setup is a raspberry pi with a RaZpberry Z-wave transceiver running the Z-wave server software. The server interfaces with Homebridge and that gives me access to my devices via Apple HomeKit, which is the only way I interact with them. I’m currently use dimmer switches and fan controls from other manufacturers along with a Dome water valve and some flood sensors. I’ve had to write some custom code to get everything perfect, but it’s all good now.

First, I had a lot of trouble getting my server to complete the interview process to learn everything about the LZW36. I ended up updating it which was a pretty big ordeal because I had to update Homebridge as well as the version of Raspbian that I’m running. After I did that and got all my old stuff running correctly again, I tried again and still had some issue. However, I got it to the point now where there is only one single parameter that keeps failing the interview.

What I am seeing is 3 separate dimmers and 2 power meters. But, I’m very confused about how they work. I saw some comments saying that there is a dimmer for the fan, the light, and both. I thought I figured out which was which, but then weird things happened. I turned on the light and the fan came on. Then I turned the same switch off and the fan turned off but the light switched on. I’m also seeing the fan randomly come on sometime when using the wall switch manually, so I’m not entirely sure it’s an issue on the Z-wave side.

I guess to start things off, is anyone using a setup similar to mine? Can anyone explain the different elements of the device and how they interact with each other? I might be able to do some custom stuff, but I need to know how things are supposed to work first.

I can’t be of much help here, as I found this thread while trying to see if there was a better way to use Hoobs with the switch besides importing from SmartThings. But I do want to say thank you! You guys that write your own code and pave the paths are amazing. Hope you find the answers you need.