LZW36 without Canopy Module?

Hey Inovelli,

Do you ever plan to release the dual Fan+Light Red Series switch independent of the canopy module? I know it may cause marketing confusion, so I understand if you choose not to, but I have multiple RF fans hooked into my smart home via a Bond hub, and the dual Fan+Light Red Series switch would be great for controlling them. Since I am figuring the canopy module isn’t insignificant in the price, I feel like that would be an awesome option.

There’s been talk of a dual switch. Not sure on the inductive load of either switch. The lzw30-sn can handle up to 300W.

Or a direct-wire option - i.e., many ceiling fans are wired with 4 conductor (Black, White, Red, Neutral) wiring to the switch box so that, in “old” non-remote situations, you could control the light / fan from the switch box. It would be great if there was a module that could be used in a direct-wire configuration without the Canopy part (or allow either direct-wire or canopy-module as an option with the same controller switch).

Another thought - can the Canopy module support fans that have a reversing module? Even though the switch controller doesn’t have a “reverse” button, if the Canopy module supports reverse, you could trigger by a two-button option - e.g., holding both the Fan-Up and Fan-Down button at the same time.

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