Lzw42 default level with zwave association to lzw31-sn

I have setup my sons room with a lzw31-sn and 3x lzw42’s in a ceiling light fixture controlled via zwave association. My problem is I have the config button mapped to turn on 1 of those bulbs at 5 percent brightness for late night use. Now, when I turn the light on (whether it be while the single bulb is still on and dimmed or after the light has been turned off) the bulb that was dimmed comes on at 5 percent again and the other 2 lights come on at 100 percent. Is there a setting im missing or something? I would prefer them all to turn on 100 percent when I click up once like any other light would.

Check your default levels (local and remote). Zero sets it to previous level. I think they’re parameters 9 and 10. Set to 99 for full brightness.

Sorry, should have stated this in the original post, default level for both local and zwave are set to 99 already.

I don’t see that functionality in the driver for the LZW42… Do you do this outside the driver?

You do it from the dimmer and not the bulb

That is the default value of what the dimmer is putting out the “load” side.

Dimming that below 99 will cause your smart bulbs to malfunction.

Not if the local and remote control are disabled. The associated bulbs will dim without the the voltage changing.

That doesn’t seem correct, mostly because I’m pretty sure those dimmer values are to do with the electronic rheostat inside the switch and aren’t actually anything it sends to associated bulbs.

Have you actually done this with the Inovelli dimmer?

Or can @Eric_Inovelli confirm this behaviour?

I use Associations between my dimmer and smart bulbs. The dimming commands are sent via associations and power is always at full regardless of the dim level of the bulbs.

@harjms If you dim your lights to say 5% and then turn them off at the switch. When you the press the switch to turn them back on, do they come on at full brightness or do they come on at that previous 5%?

@Byarnell05 Just did this. Set to about 5%, or really dim to my eyes. Turned off and turned back on. Lights stayed at dim levels.

@harjms Thanks for testing that. I wonder if there is a way to get them to go back to 100% on a normal button press.

Could you build a scene for press 1 up it turns on bulbs at 100%?

Ya thats currently how I have it setup. Sets the color back to 2700K and sets brightness to 100. Would be nice if you could just set a default and not have to mess with scenes/button controllers. Not a big deal, I just thought I might be missing something in the configuration.

Honestly there may be, but I’m not sure. Some of the people who understand the z wave protocols better May be able to chime in.