LZW42 do they support effect: colorloop or effect: random?

Hello there, I’m I missing something?

Do these lights (lzw42) support the effect parameter?
I do have the lights as supported features: 177.


I don’t believe they do at this time, even with Firmware 2.30. That said, I have mentioned it and @EricM_Inovelli seemed to be receptive to the idea for future firmware consideration.

As @Daweeze mentioned, they don’t support color “effects”. Some HA platforms let you specify “random” as a color choice though. I know Hubitat does but not sure about Home Assistant.

Home assistant gice yiut he ransom choice also but it’s an effect as well… So not working with lzw42

Bummer, that is very interesting. Z-Wave bulbs that support effects are very particular / different on how those effects are initiated. Do you have a screen shot of what the effect selection looks like?