LZW42 - Hubitat = SLOW

I’m experiencing extreme sluggish on Hubitat running these new RGBW bulbs. It can take up to 30 seconds for the lights to change colors or on/off. I was hoping it was going to run smoother then that. I’m changing parameters from Dashboard of Hubitat. I’ve removed the Group joining the two bulbs together as one of my bulbs kept freezing and unable to communicate (hoping it was a group issue, not a bulb issue).

Any ideas?

Is it slow when clicking the On button in the device page directly (rather than using the dashboard)?

If so, open the live log and toggle the bulb a couple times, then paste the logs?

@seth, Yes on the direct device control. At one point I had triggered 4 color changes and then off. It finally cycled through the colors and turned off after about a minute of waiting. I’ll capture logs tomorrow after work for troubleshooting. Thanks!

@harjms I am glad you brought this up, I am experiencing the same issue. I have three LZW42 bulbs on the front of my garage. Simply turning on a scene that sets all three bulbs to CT, 2700 temp, 100 level causes everything on the Hubitat Hub to slow to a crawl for a period of time. I have excluded the bulbs, and then included them again. I haven’t dug in too deep, but it seems like commands sent to the LZW42 bulbs flood the hub with error messages and the hub slows down as it chews its way through the error messages.

Have you updated to the newest drivers? bcopeland made significant changes that were merged with the official driver.

@IcePick - I grabbed the driver last night from github when I installed it. Want to say date is 16 Jan 20?

@vmChad - I need to capture logs, but have to do some work in the shed and house.

I just posted on another thread about a similar experience but on SmartThings. Having a lot of trouble with the zwave association with the red series dimmer and rgbw bulb.

Check out this thread… I just updated the drivers… I think there was some issues when HE updated their command class versions… The new driver is less chatty…

I pushed it to my github

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@bcopeland - Just installed your driver. It seems to work faster (5 mins test…) from the device itself. Dashboard still seems like a miss (granted, probably not a driver issue) and Group worked for the first color change…the next color change only one bulb took effect.

dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:55.659 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP level was set to 100%
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:55.651 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP saturation was set to 100%
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:55.648 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP colorName is Cyan
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:55.640 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP hue was set to 50%
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:52.210 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP level is 94%
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:52.200 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP saturation is 86%
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:52.194 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP colorName is Violet
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:52.186 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP hue is 77%
dev:4192020-01-24 06:31:52.174 pm infoLIVING ROOM LAMP colorMode is RGB

I’ll continue to play around with the bulbs to see if there’s any issues.

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If I wait 2-3 minutes for color changes, the color change will take immediately after clicking set color (well about a 1-2 sec wait…immediately for Z-wave). If I change colors after the first change (within 5-10 seconds) it’ll lag behind and take 10-20 seconds. If I do it again, it’s even longer…up to 2 minutes…

Edit - Two LZW42 bulbs as a Group…when single, it seems to be fast.

Can you send me our logs on that lag?

with debug turned on please

It’ll have to wait until later (have to leave the house). I will capture live logs for Group and Lamp 1 / Lamp 2, but also try to capture with cell phone the delay of color change after clicking submit.

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I’m testing with mine… and I can do rapid color changes with no perceivable delay… I changed the color 10 times in 15 seconds… Now… I only have 1 of the multi-color bulbs… The rest of my bulbs are the multi-white, I have 12 of those…

one more question… have you done a z-wave repair since you added these?

I also have this issue with grouped bulbs. Sometimes 1 will respond while another gets “stuck” on the previous color setting. I’ve relegated these to locations where I only have a single bulb but that’s not a viable solution for all use cases.

Is it possible the bulbs interfere with each other when placed in close proximity (same fixture), or that the repeater functionality of the bulb is just poor? I’m not familiar enough with z-wave diagnostics to know how to verify if one bulb is routing through the other when receiving commands.

Not sure why, but in my groups I have had to turn off all the options at the bottom… Even on my pre-inovelli bulbs… I always had the some bulbs don’t respond issue until doing this…

I have 2 fan fixtures that each have 3 inovelli multi-white bulbs… and A bathroom fixture that has 2 multi-white bulbs

After every mains powered z-wave device I add, I always do a z-wave repair

I’m in the same habit of running the repair after and addition or removal of z-wave devices.

Thanks for clarifying on my “interference” theory. I’m grasping a bit at this point and it’s helpful to understand how others are using these bulbs.

There is an interesting post in this thread regarding a check against the current color temperature of the bulbs before the command is sent that may be of interest: