LZW42 pairs, but missing settings and acting strange in Smarthings

So I finished my recessed lighting install. 6 cans total. I opted to go with 6 LZW42 bulbs and a LZW31-SN to control. I mainly wanted Alexa control so I can either operate all bulbs or some individually if need be since this is my theater/living room. I’ve got everything to pair without much issue, but the bulbs seem to be missing all the settings and options (color control and in the IDE devices there’s no ID to change the driver. (Firmware is 2.31). I wish I could just Z Wave associate all 6 bulbs, but the limit is 5. Other issues when controlling from switch is they all turn on or off in random order, don’t seem to dim properly (flicker), ramp rate control not working (too fast or slow) and I’m not sure if it’s because the driver isn’t the correct one. When I operate the bulb from it’s device it dims at a steady pace, but from switch it jumps around.

I’d really like to be able to set up scenes and such in here for movie time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The lack of advanced settings is a driver issue. SmartThings (ST) is in the middle of migrating from the use of Device Handlers (DHs) to Edge drivers. When you add a new driver-driven device such as the LZW42, ST will add it using an Edge driver. If I am correct, when you open the LZW42 page in the ST app and click on the 3-dot menu, top right, you will have a “Driver” menu. This indicates that the device is using an Edge driver.

My guess is that the bulbs added using ST’s stock Edge driver. I know that Inovelli has designed their own Edge drivers for the Red switches/dimmers, but I’m not sure about the LZW42 bulbs. @EricM_Inovelli will have to comment.

BTW, for anything using an Edge driver, you should not be attempting to modify in the IDE, as that is no longer used for Edge devices. When you have multiple drivers for a device, you will switch drivers via the Driver menu I described.

EDIT: The status of the LZW42 Edge driver was asked about here:

Ugh… this whole thing has been a pain. In my Alexa app there are settings for color control and such, but not in ST. My bulb in my closet has a settings option when I click on it, all the living room bulbs do not and yes there is a driver setting, but tapping that doesn’t offer any options. Why do I have the feeling I’ll be moving to another platform sooner than later. I loved Wink until Will I am got involved and it just dies, so I opted for ST over Hubitat because WAF, but even that’s going to be an issue. faceplam lol Love the innovelli products though!

The reason that you don’t have any options is because an Inovelli driver isn’t present. Once you have loaded the Edge driver for the bulbs, then you’ll be able to select them there. Inovelli will have to comment on availability. You seem to be blaming ST, when the ball is in Inovelli’s court to write and release a driver.

There is a driver written for them. It’s installed on my closet bulb. I can’t manually update them in ST even if I try to update the device. IT just says placeholder with no Device ID in my device list. I see where after Oct 15th they’ll be releasing the whole new platform, so hopefully that will make a difference. I’ll also see what @EricM_Inovelli has to say on the matter.

Yep, that would be correct. When a device is using an Edge driver, you’ll see “placeholder” listed in the IDE. (You’ll see “placeholder” for a number of things, not just Edge drivers.) For some time now, ST has been loading their stock Edge drivers when a new device is added to the hub, so when you added the bulbs recently, they picked up the stock Edge driver.

ST’s approach has been to put a minimum number of capabilities into their stock drivers, leaving it up the the vendors like Inovelli to release their own Edge drivers containing the advanced capabilities. So that’s why you aren’t seeing the advanced capabilities for the bulbs.

The migration you referred to is simply ST starting to convert EXISTING devices using Device Handlers to Edge drivers, so that is not going to make any difference for your bulbs that are already on Edge. The “whole new platform” you are referring to has been running for quite some time, but most things haven’t been migrated to it yet.

Thanks for the input. Hopefully there is a way to add the inovelli driver over to the bulbs!