LZW42 Parameters for Fade/Dimming Timing?

Is there any way to modify a parameter to affect the fade on/off time of these bulbs? I have them set up on motion and very often find myself across a room before they are even halfway on. I know they change state pretty well instantly on command when already in the ‘on’ state I just wish they were a little quicker to reach the ‘on’ state when off.

I’m kinda hoping someone knows how to modify this behavior, I’m new to Home Assistant and the only three parameters that show up upon interview are Memory, Cold Temp, and Warm Temp. Is there some kind of option I can fill in in the light.turnON service to speed up their transition to the ‘on’ state or is there some kind of firmware push that I’m going to have to learn to achieve this?


You can send transition duration with the command, are you doing that?

Yeah, that did it. When the solution is that simple I feel a little dumb about it. I’ve seen that option before when setting up the automation I just assumed the on time was a behavior tied to the parameters hardcoded into the bulbs.

Now my only complaint is the time it takes them to kick in on motion in the first place but that is more a limitation of the Z-Wave network and optimizing how my motion sensors report. Otherwise, the bulbs work as expected now.


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