LZW42 with Vera?

Hi there, I’ve got a couple Inovelli products in my Z-wave lineup already (some of the outdoor plugs that seem to be discontinued – but they’re rock solid!), and I’ve just got a couple of the new RGBW bulbs. I use a Vera hub along with Home Assistant, and it’s been great for me for years. But when I join the LZW42s all I get is colorless bright-white dimmable bulbs.

I’ve gone to www.inovelli.com/lzw42/setup as mentioned in the instructions, but that URL is dead. Is there any way for me to get RGB to actually be enabled via Vera? I tried adding parameters but their UI isn’t great and I ended up having to factory-reset the bulbs to undo my attempts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @zacs

Helping another Inovelli community member with a question about the LZW42 bulb and RGB setup and came across your post.

Please check out this tip posted by Eric and see if it helps with your setup.


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Thanks @NateB_Inovelli! I had actually asked this on the Vera community and got a similar answer. It looks like actually using D_DimmableRGBLight2 allows you to retain the white temperature values.

In the end, I was seeing some serious lag with Inovelli bulbs on Vera, and ended up moving all 60 or so Z-Wave device to zwave2mqtt with an Aeotec stick. I have been very happy with it – my bulbs are all lightning fast now. I used the manual setup described here to do so, which works super well.

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Glad to here you were able to find a solution and thanks for sharing your findings here for the rest of us :grin::+1:

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