LZW45 Animations don't work past splitters/corners

I just received my LZW45 and got it setup with Smartthings and custom device handler. I have one corner adapter and a T adapter in my setup (under cabinet lighting, controller in middle, one leg has a corner)

It works fine for any of the White light settings, all lights light up and adjust as they should. However, if I try custom colors or any of the animations, only one of the 3 sections will light up (whichever section is plugged in straight across at the T.) If I put the section with the angle adapter in that port the color/animation won’t go past the angle.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed?

There should be an end cap the goes in the end straight across the T. I think there was a reference to it in another post. Let me find it…


Taken from:

The required end caps for the T adapters were apparently not included in our packages:


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Correct, @grooves12, we will send you the end-cap on us as we messed up and forgot to order them on time (and honestly forgot when we were ordering that the T-Connectors needed these) so the manufacturer ordered them late. They should be shipping to us this week and from there, we’ll ship them out to you.

Apologies for the confusion – we sent an email out about it, but it may have gone to spam :frowning:

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Hey @Eric_Inovelli,

Have you received the end caps in yet? I noticed the order page for the T connector has been updated to include them.

Yes, we received them I think Wednesday this past week. If you ordered a T-Shaped connector, you should’ve gotten an email, but I know @Courtney_Inovelli’s been a bit backed up with shipping so I’m not sure if she sent them out to all prior orders yet.

If you ordered a T-Shape Connector and didn’t receive an email, please reach out to us via our contact page or shoot Courtney and/or myself a PM and we’ll take care of you :slight_smile:

Yea I haven’t had a chance to send any of them out yet unfortunately. Orders are coming in non-stop! I’ll send yours out today - going to try and get to everyone by the end of the week.