LZW45 Can't Turn on to a preset brightness if the color is not white?

I’m running home assistant and I noticed out of the 4 strips I have they will only turn on to a preset brightness via a scene or call service if the color is in the white range. I tried using call service and specifying the specific rgb (255,0,0) besides just using a scene and it doesn’t work. I can see in developer tools the color is correct and it is I can see it on the strip. I’m thinking if the controller is reporting it as 45% and home assistant sees it as 45% the controller likely has an issue.

For example I’m trying to have 2 strips turn on to red at 45%. If I activate the scene and they were previously on white for example it will only go to probably 10%. If I continue to press activate it just flickers as if it’s going to do something but then does nothing.

Interestingly when the lights turn on the controller will say 45% as will home assistant. However neither is true. I have to manually adjust to 50% then back to 45% to actually see 45%.

I even tried a purple to see if it was related to red and the same issue happened.

I tried reinterviewing and that doesn’t help. The only thing that helps is activating the scene manually adjusting the brightness up and back down. Then as I have motion sensors for presence detection if the lights turn off when they turn back on it’s the correct brightness. However I would prefer as this is supposed to be fully automated that it go to the correct brightness the first time.