LZW45 Pixel Effects Config

Am I missing something? Is there no easy way to activate Pixel Effects via something like a switch or button or action of any kind besides actually going into the device and turning it on? If so, someone please educate me on how to do it! :laughing:

Youโ€™d have to use rule machine and the run a custom command action.

In SmartThings, defining a Quick Effect, Custom Effect or Pixel Effect creates a child item for that specific effect. You donโ€™t get that in Hubitat? Not familiar with that platform.

The easiest way is as @djw states, with a Rule that you can trigger however you want. If someone wanted to get more elaborate (or Inovelli did) with the drivers, then child devices could be made. But right now the current driver does not do that.

Thanks for the replies, after @djw replied I poked around in rule machine and found the correct command! Got it working this morning.


@Bry I thought it would work like that too but from what I can tell you can only create child devices for quick effects.