LZW60 binary sensor not firing

Is there some trick to getting the LZW60 binary sensor entity to fire in HA? I’m using the OZW1.4 config file from github for the LZW60 and I’m getting the Burglar Alarm entity showing a value of 8 every time the sensor sees motion but the binary_sensor entity stays in the Off state at all times. Has anyone had success with this?

I believe you need to set it up as a template in HA:

  - platform: template
        device_class: motion
        value_template: "{{ is_state('sensor.bathroom', '8') }}"

Thank you. Do you know if this intentional behavior? I figured a binary_sensor entity showing up in HA would imply that the device has the right Command Class to support sending a notification of motion via binary_sensor.

I believe its partially a limitation on the version of OZW1.4, and partially due to the way the Zwave Standard is defined. There was a bit of discussion on it here:

I suspect things will work better once the new OZW1.6 goes live in HA

Thanks for the link. The device is nice and I definitely have no issue using the template but the deal breaker for me was the very limited sensitivity so I just decided to return it. Even at less than 15 feet waving my entire arm was not triggering it. The only way to trigger was to walk back and forth in front of it. It’s better at 5 feet but that’s quite a limitation. My Ecolink PIR Motion Detector (PIRZWAVE2-ECO) fires consistently at 30 feet but of course has a 4 minute timeout (which may be the trade-off for such high sensitivity). Any other motion sensors you know of that might have better and further motion sensitivity that have a shorter than 4 minute time-out?