Managing Switch Entity with Automations

I have a few Inovelli 2-1 Blues around my condo. In one area specifically, I have:

  • The switch bound via Zigbee Group to a group of Hue bulbs; and
  • The switch programmed for a few automations in Home Assistant

In home assistant, if I create an automation that shuts off the light group entity, do I need to shit off the Inovelli’s Switch entity as well? Vice versa, if I use an automation to turn on the light entity, do I need to also turn the switch on?

I find that occasionally the switch entity and the Zigbee group that it controls can get out of synchronization I think. I notice that when I run an automation, instead of dimming down, the lights will occasionally flicker abruptly off (the switch is indeed in Smart Bulb Mode given the Zigbee bindings still work).

Just looking for input on how to properly manage the switch in direct relation to light and light group entities in Home Assistant.

You should be able to add the switch (endpoint 1) to the Zigbee group as well. Then it will stay in sync as you make changes to the group in your automation.