Manually Setting Minimum Dimming

I’m using a Vera Controller, which doesn’t support S2, so I need to set the minimum dimming level manually on the switch. I follow the instructions to enter the configuration mode. Then I tap the Config Button twice to change minimum dimming level. The switch blinks YELLOW twice to confirm. Then I tap the paddle 30 times to reach the desired 30% level. While I’m tapping (about once every half-second), the switch flashes PURPLE seven times and then stops flashing. When I’m finished tapping 30 times, the switch flashes PURPLE three slow blinks. I then leave the configuration mode.

Each time I’ve done this, it has changed the Dimming Speed instead of the Minimum Dimming level.

Any suggestions about what is going wrong? Again, the switch blinks YELLOW twice to confirm that I’m in the Minimum Dimming setting.

Vera doesn’t support S2 but that doesn’t matter here. S2 is a type of encryption, but how secure the connection is doesn’t affect your ability to configure the switch.
Vera DOES support setting Z-Wave parameters, which is what you need. In Vera’s device settings (IIRC) page, there’s a button for add configuration parameter. Hit that. Parameter name should be just the number 5, with the value being 30 and type being 1 byte decimal. If you save that it should set 30% as your minimum dim level.

Not sure about your config taps- your procedure looks right…