Matter and/or thread compatibility on switches

I AM SO CONFUSED, I have spent hours looking for this. just looking for a straight answer. do switches support matter and/or thread. if not, do we know when or if that’s happening. The roadmaps I have found said it already happened ? appreciate the help!


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thanks!! so, matter is also with the mg24 chips? or is that going to be a firmware update?

Both the MG21 and the MG24 will be upgradable to Matter at whatever point Inovelli implements it, according to information they have released. The only difference is that the switches with the MG21 chips will require flashing an upgrade via a cable connection to the switch. The MG24 will be upgradable OTA.


Here it is from the horses mouth for what it’s worth lol: @Bry is correct on the implementation of MG21 vs 24. Regarding timeline, we are targeting sometime in the summer. We actually have both the manufacturer and an intern working towards matter firmware (dev kit was just delivered to us last week).

Right now we’re focusing on switching over to the MG24 chipset, but still keeping it Zigbee because we’re not entirely sure what hubs support what regarding Matter. Do they support all the advanced features our switch offer? I’m honestly not sure and haven’t had the time to dig into it.

Our current customer base primarily use hubs that support Zigbee, so there’s not a huge rush to switch everything over to Matter until we’re able to have the capital to purchase additional inventory to reach new customers who don’t have these traditional hubs (ie: maybe they have HomeKit, Google, Philips, etc).

So, until we get an influx of capital or things sort themselves out with Matter where we know what can/cannot be done, we will be sticking with Zigbee/Z-Wave.

In other words, we will launch a basic version of Matter as quickly as we can, but we likely won’t be pre-loading Matter firmware on switches any time soon.