Messed up association now can't get it to work as expected

In my kitchen I have 4 Red Dimmers attempting to use in 2 association groups.
Group 1 - Kitchen Lights (main light)
Group 2 - Island Lights

At the very beginning on the initial setup I messed up and instead of associating Kitchen 1 and Kitchen 2 dimmers I crossed these as Kitchen 1 and Island 2 or something like this. I don’t remember now which of the 2 switches I associated incorrectly. This was my setup error. Kitchen and Island should work independently
I think that this has created problem that I can not get rid of.
My association for 2 dimmers operating Kitchen light works correctly but my controlling dimmer (no load) for Island light will turn Island lights on but then if someone tap UP again it will turn on kitchen lights.
I tried to delete all associations and recreated these and nothing helps. When I deleted all associations (all 4 dimmers) no load dimmers stop responding to any action but when I recreated association groups this odd behavior came back.

Is there a way to remove all associations, confirm that these are gone form dimmers and start over?
Thank you.

You could reset them or un-pair them which resets them. Then start again.