Migrate red series from device handlers to edge?

Is there a concise place where a step by step guide on how to get my red series dimmer to work again with Smartthings? I had it working beautifully with the TPLink Kasa bulbs. All I can find is half instructions that don’t work or setup guides that all refer to device handlers.

I’m shocked there’s not a specific, easily found document full of pictures step by step explaining this process in tons of different locations.

Go to the SmartThings forum. Lots of documentation there.

The short form is you can either:

  • exclude the device under its DTH.
  • install the inovelli Edge driver to your hub. The invite is here on this forum.
  • include the device again. It will pair using the new driver.
  • note that excluding it will remove any automations you have where the device is the only thing referenced.


  • install the inovelli edge driver
  • wait for the automatic transition to occur, sometime before Dec 31.

In addition to what @coreystup said, can you explain your problem? There is nothing going on that should have caused your dimmers to stop working on their own. Yes, ST is in the process of migrating to Edge drivers, but the automigration for Inovelli devices hasn’t started yet, AFAIK.

All of my switches that I have not manually migrated myself are working just fine under the old device handlers. We you maybe trying to migrate manually and hit a snag?

So WHICH process? Migrating to Edge, setting a routine to work with your WiFi bulbs, something else?

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My question is moving to edge drivers.

My problem is I have the config button turning on and off the electric outlet for one set of normal lights. That works fine.

I have 4 Kasa smart bulbs that I have controlled via scenes on the red series switch and that no longer works. That’s ultimately what I’m trying to fix.

Is your Red switch running Edge drivers or still under Groovy? It is not clear if your issue is loading Edge drivers for your switch or if you cannot figure out the automation for the smart bulbs now that you have migrated to Edge.

It is still running groovy. I saw where to add the edge driver to the hub and I did that. Changing the dimmer over I still can’t figure out. I tried holding the config button for 20 seconds to reset but that also didn’t work.

Okay, just a double check. Open the device card for the switch in the app. Select the three dot menu top right. Do you have a “Driver” menu?

No driver menu.

Ok, go to this link and log into your Samsung Account.

Post a screenshot of the Channel Information screen that you get after you log in.

It will look like this:


This is what I see on the screen you mentioned, as well as the available drivers tab.

Okay thanks. Everything looks in order so far. You joined the channel and added the driver for the red dimmer.

TLDR: Remove the device from the hub and then re-add it. Factory reset in between cannot hurt.

So now you need to remove your dimmer from SmartThings and then re add it. You can probably remove it from the device’s card in the app. If that doesn’t work, start a general exclusion using the Hub utilities and exclude the dimmer that way. 3x press on the config button once the exclusion is running on the hub.

Once you have determined that the dimmer has been removed from the hub, do a factory reset. Long press on the config for about 40 seconds until it turns red.

Now add the dimmer to the hub. With or without security, doesn’t matter. Once it adds back, check the three dot menu on the device’s page and you should see the Driver menu now.

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