Missing Endpoint 3 on VZM31-SN (Blue 2-1)

After getting the new Fan/Light canopy module installed in my celling fan I wanted to tie it to a Blue 2-1 that I have by the door. However, when going to get the binding set up between the two, my 2-1 is missing Endpoint 3 so that I can tie the fan to the config button on the switch. I’m running the latest firmware on the switch (2.15) and I’ve removed and re-added it to Zigbee2MQTT but it’s still missing. Any suggestion on how to get to show up?

I believe you need firmware 2.17 for EP03.

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Thanks! Guess i’ll be on the lookout for when it is out of Beta testing and released fully.

Beta in Inovelli terms is a product that has been tested and is ready for installation in 99% of use cases. They have to call it “beta” because if they call it production it has to go through recertification ($$$$ and time).

I’d recommend watching the forums for any issues, but after a week or two if nothing major is cropping up it is safe to install.

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