Missing settings in SmartThings for red/black series switches

I recently switched to using the SmartThings edge drivers for my red and black series light switches, but some settings seem to be missing, such as the ramp rate and delay.

Any help would be appreciated!

That’s a switch. It does not have a ramp rate.

Ah… My mistake, I was looking at the wrong switch :person_facepalming:

Is there supposed to be a setting to customize the physical delay though? I remember this setting used to exist but now only see an on/off (700ms default) setting.

Parameter 50 should control physical delay

I don’t seem to have that in my SmartThings app. These are all my settings.

What @stu1811 said, sorta.

The LZW30 and LZW30-SN SWITCH never received the variable delay. It’s 700ms or nothing.

The LZW31 and LZW31-SN DIMMER have the variable delay. P’s 50/51. It’s at the bottom of the dimmer’s settings.

You have a better memory than me. I forgot the red switch didn’t have a variable delay.