Modifying Auto Off Timer via rule machine

My garage light has been set up with an LZW30-SN on/off switch and I’ve set the Auto Off Timer config to turn off after 5 minutes. Is it possible to reset that config value via a double-tap scene control? My end goal is to have the light stay on indefinitely if I double tap, but turn off after 5 minutes on a single tap. I have rules for double-taps set up in other rooms in Rule Machine to turn on/off multiple lights, but I don’t see how I can configure the switch’s config values. I might be able to make it work by using the delay action and global variables in Rule Machine instead, but before I dig into that I figured I’d ask and see if anyone else had done this.

Instead of using the auto off timer in the config, I’d trigger a rule in rule machine to shut it off in X minutes whenever it comes on … that way you can cancel or change the timer based on other actions. Is there a reason you want to use the built-in auto-off setting?

Well, because I needed an immediate solution and that was the easiest thing I thought of to have them tuen off on a timer. Using rule machine instead does make a lot more sense, thanks.