Modifying VDS and new child DTH for Fan

I really want the fan child device created by the VDS to actually be a fan both in smartthings and google home.

Currently it just looks like a light and when I tell my google to “turn off the lights” my fan turns off also. I cant use commands like set the fan to med/high (or at least i dont think i can - i haven’t tested it yet). It just doesn’t seem clean in my mind, a fan should be a fan, not appear as a light.

I am working through modifying @EricM_Inovelli VDS SmartApp, and Creating a new child device based off of the “Switch Level Child Device”. I am trying to work in the fan controls from used by GE Fan DTH’s, but I feel im starting to make a mess of the VDS. I fear i am going to code myself into a corner of not being able to get new updates from Inovelli without breaking my code.

I will put some effort into figuring out how to do this the right way and perhaps make a PR if i can figure out the right way, but before i do…

  • Has anyone already initiated an effort like this on their own?
  • What fan speeds does the LZW36 actually have? and what are the thresholds for 0-100 percentages?

You mean like this? The child devices came over to Google when I synced with ST. I don’t use VDS.

Where you able to make this work? It drives me insane.