Most flexible and future proof multi-way wiring

So, I rewired my dining room last summer with what I thought to be the most flexible way for 3way switch: Power comes into one switch box. From there 14/3 to the light fixture and from there 14/3 to another switch box.

Gosh, was I wrong: Now I could use the AUX switch on the far end but not the near end (ie, at the box with power line, where I wanted). So I’m forced to use two smart switches on both sides.

This summer I’ll be rewiring my corridor. I will have at least two switch boxes (possibly three) and one light fixture. Input power will be Switch Box #1.

For planning ahead, what is the most flexible and future proof way to wire this so I can flexibly place a combo of smart and aux switches to any box?

Which “rules” or “best practices” would you recommend to follow?

It seems to me that having the light fixture anywhere in the middle is not a good idea, is that right? As long as I wire all possible switch boxes with 14/3 AND the light fixture via 14/2 to Switch Box #1, is this the most flexible wiring?

Or should I rather wire the light fixture via 14/2 from a secondary switch box? (Ie, not the one with input power)?

Shall I use 14/4 anywhere or is this overkill ?

I would go panel → switches → load. i.e Panel in the first box and load in the last box. You should just need a 3-wire between the switches and the a 2-wire out to the load. So long as you are using Aux switches that just require a neutral and a traveler, you should be fine with a 3-wire. Two conductors between the switches pass the neutral and the traveler. The third (usually black) can be used to pass either the hot (if the Inovelli isn’t in the first box) or the load (starting from wherever the Inovelli is).

You really ought to know where you want the Inovelli and start with the panel there to keep it simple, but off the top of my head, I think you can move the Inovelli around in multi-ways using panel → switches → load.

To be certain, draw it out so you’re comfortable that it will work based on any placement of the Inovelli vs the Aux switches.