Multiple lzw36, breaks functionality?

I had a fan light combo switch from the first round and got the revised code loaded from 7/12 and everything was working great. So I decided to get 2 more switches. I am able to add them to my hub, but then it rolls back to how the initial coding was. I can see the fan light combo and control it, but the individual fan or light control just sits in checking status. Now all 3 have the same issue. What do I do?

Ensure you have the very latest ST handler, then delete the children, then change a setting in the fan + light device. It should re-create the children in a new way that doesn’t have issues.

Should being the operative word.

Can you point me in the right direction for the new handler? My searches show that the current one is 7/17/2020? Would updating the device firmware make a difference?

The latest is 8/14/20. I’d suggest adding inovelli as a repo in ST. From the DH page click settings. Owner=InovelliUSA, Name=SmartThingsInovelli, Branch=master. Then save. Click update from repo and select the devices you have, click publish, and save. Alternatively paste in the below code.

Edit: Latest firmware is here