Multiple Red Dimmers (LZW31-SN) won't S2 Include

Hey all! I searched the group, but didn’t find my exact issue and support encouraged me to post here.

I have 10 of the LZW31-SN Dimmers, all on firmware v1.57. I’m running Home Assistant 2021.11.5 and ZwaveJS running at the latest versions available today - (0.1.48 add-in, 8.7.6 driver, 1.11.0 server). Hardware is an Intel NUC 10 running an Aeotec ZStick 5 Plus.

8 out of 10 of my LZW31-SN included S2 Authenticated without any problems and have been running perfectly with snappy response and fast automations. My other 500 and 700 series devices that support S2 from Zooz, Aeotec, and Leviton also included with no issues and have been running great.

I’ve tried excluding and including the 2 problematic LZW31-SN dozens of times - generally, HA hasn’t even prompted me for the DSK and the include succeeds but then warns it was only included unsecured (the unsecured device then functions without issue). I tried a coupe of times again today before this post and I was able to get the prompt for the DSK PIN, yet the device still included without security. Looking at the zwave logs shows the inclusion (many, many lines), but I don’t see anything amiss, albeit my protocol level experience with zwave isn’t great.

Ive tried resetting to factory the switches, restarting my zwaveJS, excluding first then including, and every other trick I know. I would just return them, but I already broke some of the heat-sink tabs to get them to fit in my environment.

What else should I try to resolve this? I suppose S2 isn’t critical on these switches, but the engineer in me just can’t deal with something that doesn’t work that should. :slight_smile:

Thanks - Andrew