Need help defaulting a ZW30

I believe this is a Red version basic on/off switch. I changed from hubitat to Home assistant and I want to default this switch and pair it with the new hub. I tried to default it with 3 up and 3 down on the switch. It doesn’t have an LED so I can’t tell what is going on. So can anyone help me out here?



Does the LED bar start pulsing blue? If so, try to run a general exclusion and then try pairing again.

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I’m thinking this might be a LZW30? That’s a black Gen 2 switch. I don’t think any current gen switches have a “30” in them.

If that’s the case, 3x config when running a general exclusion. Long press config approx 40 seconds for a factory reset. But as @stu1811 pointed out, if you are moving a Zwave device from one hub to another, you need to exclude it. A factory reset will not do that.

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Here is a pic of the switch. Date code is 0418 which I am assuming is Maay of 2018? There is no config button at all. I assumed that ALL switches could be connected to another hub without exclusion if it were defaulted.

Any Zwave device that has been added to a hub must be excluded before it can be added to a different hub. From either hub, start a general exclusion. Once that is running, you generally do the same thing that you do to include the switch. I don’t have any experience with the Gen 1 switches so I don’t know if they also do a Zwave exclusion if you factory reset them. However, generally speaking, that is not the case.

I THINK that is a NZW30. Here is the manual:
EDIT: Can’t get the manual link to work. Go here and pick the NZW30.

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Thanks Bryan

I got the manual and I will see what I can do.

Thanks again

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I’ve factory reset many switches and that has always excluded it.

That is a NZW30. I think for that one you either just hold down for 5 seconds or hold down before turning power on and hold for 5 seconds after turning power on.