Need recommendation on a smart switch, aux switch(?), and mode for an existing chandelier currently outfitted with Hue Ambiance bulbs

I have a chandelier in my foyer that currently has 5 Hue Ambiance bulbs installed in it. Previously, I had a ‘Friends of Hue’ (RunLessWire Click) switch I used but have since transitioned to moving all my Hue stuff to my Zigbee controller in HA; which it doesn’t work in. So for the last year I’ve been controlling the light using the HA companion app (via Z2M). Needless to say, I’m looking for another option at this point with a higher WAF (wife acceptance factor), and preferably one that can be a router (ZigBee) or node (z-wave).

Can anyone help provide any recommendations? I’m going through a bit of analysis paralysis and not sure the “best” approach.

The light is controlled by a 3 way switch, where both sides have neutrals.

  • Would you guys recommend (A) replacing all the bulbs with dumb ones and replacing one or both switches with z-wave ones (Inovelli Reds?) OR (B) utilizing the existing Hue bulbs, and installing one or two Inovelli Blue? (My ZigBee and z-wave networks are pretty robust, so I can go either way.)
  • Would I need two smart switches or an aux on one side?
  • If I go the Blue route, do I configure both in a 3-way or smart bulb mode? Would my existing Hue bulbs smoothly dim and brighten in this mode?

Yes, and this is your best option by far. Keep the bulbs powered and control them via smart plus aux for dimming or smart plus dumb for on/off (control, power remains though). Two blues would also work and would be the most flexible option.

Edit: to be more clear you would use smart bulb mode AND 3-way. The switch does both.