New black series scene control missing config button?

So I’ve upgraded my black series dimmers to firmware 1.52, the updated dth and I get the basic button held and push-that is working awesome.

Based on a comment by inovelli (sorry typing from phone so I can’t link)
announcing this feature, we’re missing the config 2x tap (or however many taps). Can we get that also? I’m doping it’s just a dth update.

I believe the 2x config tap was removed from the red series due to space constraints. Probably true for the black series too.

I was just playing with this using zwaveJS-MQTT and the 2x or more taps didn’t show anything for scenes so I don’t think it’s in the firmware.

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I’m back in front of my computer - so based on this thread
I was going off of this - so this is not correct? If that’s the case, that’s fine, just wanted to know one way or the other:

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The feature was removed, but accidentally as part of a rollback. During that fix, the engineers inadvertently omitted replacing it. @EricM_Inovelli was looking into getting it restored about a month ago.

That seems like a catch 22 as based on @EricM_Inovelli the scene control from the black series dimmer only works with firmware 1.52 and the DTH released last week. So I think using 1.49 wouldn’t work?

Yes, I believe it is only firmware 1.52 that has the scene control on the black series. The updated device handler is required as well (as you mention).