New Blue user. HE + Blue 2-1 + Zigbee CT Bulbs using Room Lighting

Blue 2-1 with firmware updated.

Group Binding is set up

This is how I have Room Lighting setup, specific time periods gradually dimming the lights and changing the colour as it gets later at night.

But I can’t get the switch to turn the lights off.
Button 1 held looks do me to be “tap down once for off”

It would appear I am in error. What should I change to get the lights to go off when I tap down to turn the lights off?

What is Master Bath Group Lighting? A group created in Groups and Scenes? If so, you don’t need that.

Add the bulbs to the RL instance, enter a name for the activator device and in the means to activate page under options check use Zigbee group messaging. Note that this option won’t appear unless you already specified an activator device name.

Save, and it will create an activator device with the name you gave it. Look at the activator device’s device id. It will be something like “LightsActivator123”. The number is what you enter for Group Bind #1 for the switch. You do not need to set up any actions for the button presses. On/off and dim up/down will just work once the switch is bound to the bulbs.

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I installed the other two Blue dimmers last night, so I’m back at trying to solve this.

Taking a step back, I think I first need to determine if the CT bulbs I am trying to use support Binding/Group Messaging.

I’ve got one set of four Ikea Tradri GU10 Tuneable White bulbs, and two sets of Arduro Eria Tuneable White bulbs. Any ideas on how to verify if they’re capable of Binding/Group Messaging?

If they’re ZigBee bulbs, they should be bindable.

I’m not saying this is the only way to skin the cat, but what I did was create a group just for the bulbs I wanted to bind - I did that that in Groups & Scenes, then imported that group in to Room Lights and made sure the ZigBee group messaging property carried over.

I did that since I don’t use G&S for anything else, so that allowed me to remove theG&S app again from my hub.

For that bulb group in Room Lights, I set the brightness and CT to the values I’d want in a hub-down scenario.

That group’s ID # is the one I use to bind to the Blue.

I then use that group in a different Room Lighting setup (and Button Controller setup) to manage how I want the bulbs & Blue to perform under normal day-to-day circumstances (i.e. hub up & running)

TL;DR - keep the actual binding group’s setup as vanilla as possible.