New feature suggestion for lzw36

I had to reset my switch, I think it was due from a smarthings update. So I’m at work and I haven’t yet messed with the LED bars colors, intensity, etc. My wife is in bed, (I work Midnight’s) and she’s like can you dim that switch’s Light bars. So I’m going through the settings and I had set the intensity to 10% for the LED bars. Then it had dawned on me a previous frustration my wife had. She, well anybody, couldn’t distinguish if the light switch was on or off because the intensity were both set to 10%. She couldn’t tell that the overhead light was actually on when pushing the button because it was dimmed all the way down. I don’t want it off because you can’t see it at night to turn the light on. I also don’t want to have to set it at like 40% brightness while in bed(too bright), but at that brightness the user is able to distinguish if the switch is on or off.

Solution, unless I had overlooked it in the settings. The only way to distinguish power state currently is through intensity. E.g. switch is off, blue bar, 10%. Switch is on, blue bar, 50%. 50% brightness because the fan is on isn’t good in a pitch black room. My suggestion, be able to set a different color for the power state. Switch is off, its set to red at intensity 10%. Someone pushes button/alexa and turns the fan on and that led bar turns blue at also 10% intensity.

I’m not sure how difficult Smarthings is for creating actions in the IDE (I abandoned the platform pretty quickly, so I never got very familiar with what it could do), however, at first read, I’m pretty confident that if I was in your situation; I could easily create this color change behavior using a child device for the light bar, and a rule machine rule in my Hubitat.

It’s not as convenient as it being a built in feature setting, but if Smartthings has a way to create simple automations, you might not have to wait for a feature request to do this; if you’re feeling creative.

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