Newbie having trouble setting up Multi-Way Toggle on my Red 2-1's

I’ve got 3-way wiring in my basement that allows 3 different “dumb” switches to control all my ceiling lights. I swapped those for 3 Inovelli Red 2-1 Dimmer’s recently, and set them all to Multi-Way Toggle (got the Violet light to confirm). But only the “main” switch works, the other two do nothing. I just got a Hubitat but haven’t set it up yet, so I’m just doing the clickable settings via the switch.

Do I need to set up a Z-Wave Association in Hubitat to get all 3 of my switches to communicate? When I turn one on, I want all 3 to turn on. And when I turn one off, I want all 3 to turn off. Along with the lights, obviously.

I’m new to smart switches and don’t know anything about electrical work, so sorry for the poor description.

When you have a multi-way installation and use all Inovelli switches, you cannot wire them the same as if you were using dumb switches. I suggest that you look at the wiring diagrams to understand this better.

The short version is that one switch is the controlling switch with the load wired as a 2-way. The other switches are just provided a hot and a neutral so that they power up. They do not use load or traveler wires.

To get all the switches to work together you then need to either bind or associate them depending on if your protocol is Zigbee or Z-Wave.