No load control after firmware upgrade

I’m not much on keeping up with the latest and greatest firmware. I finally decided my 6 Red dimmers needed some love. I upgraded these to 1.61 and all went well with the firmware load. After the upgrade the switches will no longer control the connected load. The light bar on the switch indicates paddle presses or z-wave commands accurately, but has no effect on the connected load. I initially suspected that the internal relay had been disabled somehow, but this was not the case after using 8 taps on the scene button to change this mode.

Any idea what’s going on here? Reverting back to 1.41 firmware (the last working version I used) works fine, but I can’t get any satisfaction from no control of the load in both 1.57 and 1.61.

Thanks in advance-

Did you reset the switch (hold config until red) after update?

yeah - no dice

Did you flash both targets when you upgraded?

I believe so. This appears to be automatic when using the zwave tool in Simplicity Studio. As further evidence the flashing was correct if I return these to 1.41 using the same methods they work just fine. It’s bizarre to me no one else has seen this. All functions of the switches appear to work without error - they just don’t control the attached load.

Perhaps I did not flash both, but I followed the flash instructions to the letter.

I think you are referring to the PC Controller which is now part of the Simplicity Studio. You have to flash the targets individually. Flashing both is not automatic. So upgrading a dimmer requires two flashes.

When you rolled back to 1.41, and you had not flashed both targets, then the bin file that goes along with 1.41 would still have been in place and 1.41 would work just fine at that point.

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wow - thanks - I guess I’ll do the zwave shuffle again - much appreciated

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Many thanks for this. It’s beyond me how I missed that but I certainly appreciate the shove in the right direction. All 6 of them are running 1.61 without issue.

Perfect. Glad you got them going. FYI, if you flash switches, there is only one for those!