Non-Volatile/Parameter Memory Durability

Is there any published info on the durability of the non-volatile (flash?) memory on the chip?

I am considering making some new automations in home assistant to take advantage of the upcoming parameter additions to my fan switch. This would probably involve changing some of the parameters (like power timeout) a handful, 1-5, times a day. Seeing how these switches are made to last I’d like to make sure I’m not prematurely wearing out the storage with multiple parameter changes a day.

Or let me know if I’m misunderstanding the architecture and the parameters are actually stored in some sort of RAM.

I can’t comment on the specs of the NVRAM, but I’ve been changing the Default Level params (2 of them) 2x a day for multiple of the LZW31-SN’s for the past 4 years with no issues.

I also have the LED bar send notifications every time a door opens / closes (about 10-20x a day) for the past 4 years as well.

Chances are your use case should be just fine.

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