Notification for unlocked doors goes away when light changes

Unfortunately this is how the firmware currently works. Inovelli has said they hope to address this with a firmware update. Scott from Inovelli mentioned this week about him testing new firmware so it might be close but no word if it’s included. I believe there is a “hack/work around” using web core here on the forums somewhere to reinstate the notification led after a state change but I think it may be limited to solid colors only (no fancy pulsing or blinking)

Thank you for the info. I am not going to use a work around yet. I will give it time to see if Inovelli releases a fix.

Are you using ST or HE?

If you’re on HE, there’s a great driver that allows you to manipulate the default LED colour instead of turning on a child device so the notification remains persistent through toggling the switch.

If you’re on ST you can create a piston in webcore that’s very simple. If the switch changes, check if the child device is on, if it is turn it on again. You’ll see the LED flash briefly and your notification will be back.

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I know you don’t want a work-around, but this might be simple. You have to reset the notification in webCore to trigger on whatever turns the notification off.

HI, I was wondering if you could explain this a littler further. I am very new to using this dimmer, I only set it up a couple days ago but I have the notication 1 set for the kitchen dimmer when the garage is opened. But like the OP the notification light is gone when the switch is used manually or by Alexa. I am using smart things hub. If you could share the steps to create the piston that would be very helpful!


I have installed webcore succesfully… not sure what to write for the piston setup though.


Some of these solutions sound easy enough. Maybe I’ll take a stab at it. Seems like you could setup a Boolean variable that changes if any door is unlocked, and then whenever an action is taken on the light switch, or whenever the door locks change status, it sets either the notification to turn on, or changes the color of the led (of course then you couldn’t have any of the cool light tricks). I might mess with it if I have some time.

I just did up a quick piston for you to import. I haven’t tested this piston since I use Hubitat with a different driver so I handle my notifications by manipulating the default LED colour. BUT, this piston should work. Import the piston code into webcore and select your devices.
White Bulb 6 = Inovelli switch
Switch 13 = Child device for notification

Basically this piston fires whenever the switch turns on or off. It checks if the notification is on, and if it is it switches the notification off then back on. So you’ll see your default LED colour briefly when you toggle the switch but then it’s right back to your notification colour.


This worked perfectly!! Thank you very much!

I made a much more elaborate one that did not work very well. Then I replaced it with something very similar to this and it works perfect. Thanks!

If you create your piston and have the condition if door x is “not locked” then turn on “notification 1”. No matter what you do, the led should stay on until you lock your door. This is how i do it and it works great.

Do that, and then turn the light off.

You are absolutely correct. I was experiencing that reported issue using the smart light app and i was pretty sure i tested the functionality with webcore and it was fine. My mistake.

Hey guys – just wanted to let you know that we’ve fixed this issue in the latest firmware update that we’ll be sharing this week (possibly even this weekend).

I’m assuming this is the issue: LZW31-SN Persistent Notifications correct?

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Yep, operating the switch causes the notification to go away.

Perfect, yes, I believe we fixed this and are rolling out the update here: Firmware v1.41 (Beta) | LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2)

Thanks for your patience on this and have a great day!

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@Eric_Inovelli, How long until the release (non-beta) is out? Will there be a similar update for the LZW30s?

Great question – @EricM_Inovelli – what are you thinking here for a non-beta version release date?

As for LZW30’s – there will be an update to the firmware, but they wanted to get the dimmer switch finished first because that one is much more challenging from a coding perspective.

@Eric_Inovelli and @EricM_Inovelli ,

I guess the more important question is, if I only get one shot to do everything should I wait? I have two controllers, and adding something into my network, means deleting everything and starting all over every time (until I figure out a better solution). So if I want to get everything up and running today, should I just run 1.35, upgrade to the 1.41 beta, or wait because the release is coming in a couple more days, and it is worthwhile to wait. For all of that, what about the LZW30? Again, wait? Go ahead? I am just trying to get a feel for timelines (I won’t hold you to it). If the final isn’t going to be out for a month, or the LZW30 final release won’t be out for a month, I am not going to wait. Last question, if I do the firmware update, and it doesn’t work the way I want, can I revert back to 1.35 (and if so, where can I find that firmware?)


I would say that the dimmer firmware will likely be finalized within 2 weeks. The LZW30 likely in 2-3 weeks. These are just estimates of course.

You can always revert back to a lower version firmware. We could provide it if needs be.