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Hello, new member. I got my first dimmer today and installation went fine. It was fairly easy to set up a notification in Webcore. My first one is simple flash red indefinitely as long as the garage door remains open. What I have found is that if I use the switch for any reason the notification is gone and doesn’t come back. I tried a piston watching the status of the switch or even notification 1 but I can figure out a way to accomplish this. Any ideas??


Name is Brad. :slight_smile:

Hey @Beko - thanks so much for joining the community and for posting! Happy to have you here :blush:

This is a known bug (thanks to the community members for finding this) that we’re working on fixing. We actually received revised firmware now that has fixed this and we plan on sharing it with everyone in a week or so along with instructions on how to fix it.

Welcome again and stay tuned for the update!


That is the expected behavior, but there is a workaround. Simple since you’re using webCore. Basically, you need to reset the notification when the switch changes and turns off the notification. The 2nd link has a sample piston.


Damn, you guys are awesome. This is amazing!

One man’s bug is another man’s expected behavior, lol.

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Lol well good news is the bugs are being squashed as we speak!

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Thanks all for the feedback…and so quickly!

Works perfectly. :slight_smile: I added a 5 second delay in between off and on. I love this place!

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