Notification Issue, Notification not being turned off - Properly?

Okay, so I “think” this hasn’t been discovered yet? But I was unable to find it in any posts in the forum… yet…

So I was playing with the notifications (on the dimmer) for purposes of notification management.

In a Hubitat Dashboard, I placed a switch for each of the three child notifications that I currently have set up:

  • For every notification, I turn On, a previously, turned On notification, turns Off. Check, that makes sense… at least to me :slight_smile:

  • If I have a notification that’s On, say notification 2 (representing a yard gate is open) and I try to turn Off a previously On notification, say notification 1 (because the garage door is now closed) It turns Off notification 2. I think I can easily work with this by using variables in my rules when setting/resetting the notifications.

  • The one that I am having a problem with, If a notification is On, say notification 1, and the current state of the dimmer is Off. If I turn the dimmer On, the notification goes Off at the dimmer. But the switch on my dashboard still reflects that notification 1 On? Just so the test was complete, I tested dimmer On then Off and got the same results. In these cases, I would expect the switch on the dashboard would turn Off as well. Or once the switch dims up or down to whatever value, the notification returns.

If I got a vote, I would just have any physical interaction at the switch turn the notifications Off and manage the notification states within rules in RM.

Edit: If the notifications are turned Off with any physical interactions, maybe they should be turned off with Z-Wave On/Off events as well… I’m thinking consistency…

@Ma2J See this thread for others finding the same:

@MarkTr Thank you! The driver you gave me the link to is for Smart Things and I have Hubitat. The thread doesn’t appear to address my third bullet. Maybe I missing it?

Yes, the thread is focused on SmartThings, but the failure of notifications to reappear after touching the switch is the main topic of conversation; I don’t think it’s been resolved, unless the new DH fixes it which doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

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@MarkTr I stand corrected! Thanks for showing me the section that points that out.