Notification not updating on smartthings

Hi, I set a notification to turn off after 10s (on the switch settings). After it gets triggered again, it does not turn on again presumably because it things it’s still on. I verified this by going to the actual notification device on the smartthings app and it shows as “On” even if it turned off by the time setting.

Has anyone experienced this?

Just because the notification light turns off after 10 seconds doesn’t mean the notification itself has cleared.

For example, I have a contact on my refrigerator door that triggers a notification when the door is open. Even if I set the notification LED to turn off after 10 seconds, the child notification object remains ON as long as the refrigerator door is open. When I shut the door, the child notification object turns off.

What action is setting your notification? I’m guessing that that action hasn’t returned to normal, so the notification event is still ongoing, which is why it remains on.

Maybe if you explain further about your notification we can figure it out.

And/or you don’t have an automation to turn the notification off after the 10 seconds.

So my use case is have the light switches flash red when any door is opened. I initially thought it should flash for 10 seconds, hence the setting. But since ST thinks it is still on (even if the door is closed), then when a door is opened for a second time, it does not turn on.

Also, if I set it to turn off on close, then I think any door closing will turn off the notification even if another door is open.

What is the point of the setting on the switch to turn off the notification if it won’t turn off in ST?

I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. You probably need to create an automation that if ANY door is open, then turn on the notification.

Then create a second automation that when ALL doors are closed, it turns off the notification.

Or create a virtual switch that is turned on when any door is open and off when all doors are closed, then use that to automate on/off the notification in Smart Lighting app.

Ok, so it sounds like you want a notification to turn on when any of a number of doors are opened, and to turn off when they’re all shut? Is that correct?

If that’s the case, you can’t set notifications for multiple doors for the same notification without them stepping on one another, which you’ve figured out. If you want a notification when any of a number of doors are opened that goes off when they’re all shut, then you need to aggregate their status into a virtual switch and then set the notification for the virtual switch only.

Basically, using webCore, Rule Engine or whatever you are comfortable with, you need to code it so that the virtual switch is on when any one of the doors are open and off when they’re all shut. I’ve done that in webCore, so I can give you an example piston if you need help.

If it was one door for the notification, then you could set the notification to turn off when the door is shut. But unfortunately with multiple doors you need to do a bit more to get that to work correctly.

Can the new Automations not accomplish this?:

Automation 1:
Door 1 is open
Door 2 is open
Door 3 i sopen

Notification: Turn On

Automation 2:
Door 1 is closed
Door 2 is closed
Door 3 is closed

Notification Off

Just thinking out loud, I’ve graduated from ST (bazinga).

That’s worth a shot, OP. Personally, anything I can code OUTSIDE of ST, I do. :sunglasses:

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