Notifications (and duration)

Hoping someone could help. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the firmware upgrade (been reading a little on that, but don’t have a USB flasher to program).

I have a few Inovelli switches installed. I have a red series on/off and a red dimmer. Both are programmed to pulse red if the garage door is open, and I’ve set the duration to 24 hours.

The issue is that the dimmer switch (I actually have two programmed same way and they both do this) will stop pulsing red, even though the garage door is still open. When I go look at the on/off switch, it’s still pulsing red (as it should be).

I’ve double (and triple) checked the programs, and am sure they are set identically.

Any ideas on why?

Did you manually adjust the dimmer level at some point? The newer firmware addresses the issue where manual manipulation of the device clears the notification (applies to both devices), so that could explain the difference if you did.


I have noticed that if the switch is “used” locally at any time, then the notifications clear. However, in multiple instances, I’ve not touched the switch(es) and found that the notification stopped displaying.

I don’t know if some other event within the network (not locally to the switch) may be the cause for the clearing.

If the switch is modified in level from any source it will clear the notification even if still on with the 1.35 firmware. The beta 1.41 firmware supposedly fixes this, but I have not personally tested (still holding out for OTA firmware updates on ST, ha!).


I suppose that may be the issue. Again, yesterday, two dimmer switches (red series) turned off the notification, while the red on/off switch still showed the correct state / notification.

Maybe it’s possible the network is doing something with the dimmers, but I can be assured that there was no one manually operating either of the two dimmer switches.

I don’t have the USB dongle for firmware, so I’ll hope there will be a way to flash a new firmware someday via ST.

Feel free to shoot me a PM and we can lend you a Z-Stick to see if this fixes your issue :slight_smile: