Notifications based on more than one trigger

I would like to create a notification on my Red switch; in my shop, I have multiple lights on various smart devices.
I am using Smartthings
What I would like to do is turn the LED red on the switch by my home office if ANY of the lights in the shop are on. I can set it up for one particular light, but don’t see a way to trigger the notification based on more than one trigger.

Anyone have any ideas?


I do this with my garage doors, having the notification on if any of the doors are open. Create a virtual switch that is on when any of the lights are on. Then using webCore, create a piston that will control the virtual switch indicating the all lights on or off status. Then set the notification on the Inovelli switch based on the condition of the virtual switch.

Have you used Webcore? Because the new ST app does not have access to the notification children yet you will have to use Webcore.


Light1 Changes from Off OR If Light2 changes from Off OR if Light3 changes from Off


Switch1-Notification 1 turn on


Switch1-Notification 1 turn off

Yep. I’m still using Classic so if you’re on Connect you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

The virtual switch seems like an unnecessary added step. You’re using any of the doors as your trigger in webcore to turn on a virtual switch, where you could just turn on the notification switch instead.

That’s true. At one point, I was using the aggregated status for something else . . maybe Echo Speaks or Sharptools. But now that you bring it up I’m not sure, lol.

Make sure you use a TRIGGER not a condition as well in Webcore (changes from/changes to) instead of is on/is off.

Just a second thought for something I have struggled with before.

Yes and no. If you have both triggers and conditions in a piston, webcore will only subscribe to the triggers. If you have conditions only, webcore will subscribe to the condition and it will act like a trigger when the condition changes. There’s places to use both and places where using multiple triggers will not work. But for simple pistons you can use either/or.

Thanks for all the replies.
I will have to do some research, I have no idea what webcore / pistons / etc are.

Sorry, I saw all the posts on WebCore and just assumed you were already using it. Are you using the automations section of the new app?