Notifications removed, can't get back

I am using latest Smartthings app and Hub. I had numerous Notifications working properly with my Red Series Dimmers. In trying to clean up my Smartthings App I changed the name of the notifications. They were subsequently removed from all of my Webcore Pistons and I can’t get them back. I tried deleting from Smarthings App and they don’t come back, even though they are still in the switch settings. They no longer appear in the ST app or are available to Webcore. Any suggestions???

Ok, I finally worked this out. Normally, when you change a device name ST just handles it. If you change the name of a notification not so. You will need to delete it (them) from the app and then go in and make any change to the switch settings. The Notifications WILL reappear but will have to be re-assigned to the proper rooms in the ST app. They can then be re-added to WenCore. Any Pistons that were using them will have to be repaired. I hope this makes sense to everyone. Lesson learned!

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