NZW30 3way Manual Config

I have a single NZW30 that was connected in a 3way circuit and working fine. I did some remodeling and the switch was out of circuit for about 10 days. When the wiring was redone, I could not get the switch to behave properly. Switching from the dumb switch would turn the light no momentarily but it would not stay on. With a voltage tester I found that I was not getting anything at the traveler terminal.
Not sure what voltage they need to see to flash.

I removed the switch from circuit to test and found that pressing up on the switch would give me 66v on the traveler terminal and nothing on the load. Pressing the downside would give me 66v on the traveler and line voltage on the load terminal (120v approx). Turning on the light with zwave would also give me 66v at the traveler and line voltage at the load terminal. I would not expect it to switch to 3way mode on the bench, however this seemed to match what I was finding in circuit. I swapped temporarily for another dumb switch and the lights are working properly.

Is it possible to force a NWZ30 into 3way mode manually, or is this switch toast.


I would double-check your wiring. Not sure of the extent of the remodel, but were both switches removed?

When you said you swapped temporarily for a dumb switch, I take it that you swapped in a dumb switch where the Inovelli had been, and did nothing else. If that is the case, double-check the dumb switch wiring. If you had just swapped in a dumb for the Inovelli without touching the other switch, it should NOT have worked. This is because for the NZW31, only 2 of the 3 conductors should be attached to the accompanying dumb switch. If things worked properly with the 2 dumb switches, this suggests all three conductors are attached to the accompanying dumb switch, which is NOT correct for the NZW30.


Thank you so much for your response. This my only Gen1 switch and I obviously knew the proper wiring at some point, but with all my remaining switches being Gen2, that difference was certainly no longer apparent to me. I followed the diagram provided and it worked perfectly. Thank you again, I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted on this.


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