NZW30 & NZW30S switches, blue LED status light missing

I have 5 of these switches (2x NZW30 & 3x NZW30S) installed from 2018 and they have been working flawlessly since using the DH provided by Inovelli. Inovelli DOES make the best Z-wave switches because (1) it has a true up/down paddle, (2) only 1 of these switches required in a 3-way configuration, and (3) the scene capabilities are almost endless which are the main reasons why I chose these switches.

I did notice a little while back that the blue LED status light on all 5 switches are no longer there; when I initially installed them back in 2018, I remember having the blue LED status set to ON when light was OFF. I did briefly check the configuration settings in SmartThings, and it was indeed set correctly to LED ON when light OFF.

I didn’t have time to troubleshoot the problem till now since I’m in the process of migrating all my devices over to the EDGE drivers and I was hoping the blue LED status light on these switches would return after successfully migrating over to the EDGE driver, but it’s still not there.

I’m on a Samsung SmartThings v2 hub with the latest version of SmartThings installed. I’m using the Mariano Shared Beta EDGE driver for both versions of these switches (NZW30 & NZW30S). When I migrated over to the EDGE driver, I used the exclusion process to first remove the device, and once successfully removed, I used the inclusion process to add it back and it automatically picked up the new EDGE driver.

Changing the LED Indicator-3 settings in SmartThings doesn’t help, nor does manually changing the Indicator status directly on the switch using the tap up A 10x. Turning the power off at the breaker for a few mins didn’t make a difference either.

Hoping someone can shed some light on this problem since it happens on all 5 switches so I can’t be the first person to experience this problem. I’m thinking it might be a firmware issue but I haven’t done any real research on this problem yet.

Thanks in advance,

I’d post over in Marioano’s thread and ask about additional capabilities. I’m guessing he added the fingerprints to his driver so it will work, but not fully.

It will probably take Inovelli writing their own driver to regain full functionality. They have yet to produce drivers for the Gen 1 products.