NZW31 Not Reponding After Firmware Update

I recently flashed one of my NZW31s after realising the need for a feature that is only available in FW1.3.

I followed the instructions given and used the new updater from djdizzyd writing the OTZ file below into slot 0


The update completed and I left the switch overnight, hoping it would finish its update and start responding to zwave commands again. When I found it in the morning it still wasnt responding so I cycled the power using the air gap switch. Now the dimmer only works via local control and doesnt appear to even repeat on the zwave mesh.

This is the first update Ive had to do, so Im likely missing something. Do z-wave devices need to be excluded and added again after firmware updates?

@EricM_Inovelli any chance I could get your feedback please?

Not typically.

Is Hubitat seeing the firmware updated in the switch properties?

I saw that behavior with LZW31-SNs in ST. Another reason to ditch ST…

I dont see a field for firmware version on the device properties page, here is the info that it does show



Just switched back to the “New” firmware updater driver and tried to flash the otz again, now it gives status “please wake up your sleepy device” cycling the power with the air gap switch makes no difference


If the device has a significant modification to the firmware (like perhaps a command class change) then sometimes the device won’t work properly until it gets excluded and or factory reset and re-included.

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Thanks Eric, I just put the hub into inclusion mode and cycled the air gap and it has now detected it as a new device.