NZW31 w/Scene relay issue

I have about 3 of these switches that won’t hold the load bypass switch closed. The button pops out just enough to make the switch not function. Sometimes it barely holds, you come back to it later and the switch won’t function because no power going through it.

Any ideas?

Hey so I think this was a problem with the Gen 1 switches – you’re talking about the little air-gap button at the bottom left of the switch, right?

I can check to see if we have any replacement paddles from Gen 1’s that may solve this. Otherwise, what I’ve seen people do is put a very small dab of hot glue on the back (or if you can find something that will make the back of the air-gap stick out further) to make contact with the PCB.

Yes, the air gap button. Ok, sounds good, I’ll pull them out and see what I can do.